Welcome to SPAAK (Stichting Piloten Aandelen Air France - KLM). A foundation set up for and by KLM pilots, to represent their collective interests in the long term and to promote the continuity of KLM.


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During the collective bargaining in 2015, VNV agreed with KLM that its pilots will invest in the company in exchange for a share in Air France KLM. This offers the pilots the opportunity to influence developments within KLM and the holding Air France - KLM for which the pilots work in a different way. This was a long-cherished wish of the KLM pilots.

In the following years, an equity stake in the holding AF-KLM was built up and a foundation, SPAAK, was set up to accommodate and manage the shares for the KLM pilots. Through this foundation, KLM pilots have control, voting rights and dividend rights. This is used to gather information and exercise some influence, as the articles of association say: 

a. to promote the collective long-term interests of KLM pilots;

 b. to promote the continuity of KLM and its associated enterprises;

 and furthermore all that is related to this in the broadest sense, belongs to it and/or may be conducive to it.

The SPAAK board, through its network with various stakeholders, will implement the rights and obligations associated with the share package.

This site provides background information for interested parties in general and for KLM pilots in particular.